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Math Teachers Speak Out
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Friday, October 9th, 2009
7:03 pm
Swiped from my son Vic: A round pizza with radius ‘z’ and thickness ‘a’ has the volume pi*z*z*a.

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Thursday, October 8th, 2009
7:57 pm
This year I have decided to put fun math history questions as the last question on all my exams as extra credit. The catch is that you have to come to the review session to get the answer. On the first exam I have the question "Who was born first, Fibonacci or Leonardo de Pisa?" (it sounds like you have a 50-50 shot at it).

I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for future questions I can put as extra credit? I teach algebra I and II by the way.
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
2:43 am
i'm teaching grade nine math, but the kids are working at a grade 3/4 level becuase they're special needs kids.
I'm not sure what to do for the first few days of school
I want to get the kids on board and enjoying math.

should i just do some games to help the kids get to know each other? like name games? or to create a warm, welcoming learning environment?

or do some beginning assessment games,
or play the game orange which is a counting game?
if you start with 4, anytime you have a nubmer with 4 in it, you say orange.

or should I do some multiple intelligences questionaires?

or some math centres related to the unit... which is math all around me..but it's a short unit, just 7 hours?

or some placemat activities to show what they know

or questionaires to find out their comfort level in math,
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
4:41 pm
 Hey fellow math teachers! So glad to find this community :)

I started this summer at Columbia Teachers College to get an MA in Secondary Math Ed with initial NY State certification (grades 7-12!). I'm part of the Math for America-New York program. I will begin student teaching this fall, after completing 100 (!!!) required hours of observations. After I get my degree, I'll be teaching in one of the five boroughs until 2014!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions when I start student teaching. This is my first out of college (just graduated from GW), so there's a lot for me to learn!

Ideally, I'd like to teach 8th grade :)

x-posted to a few teaching communities.

Sunday, August 16th, 2009
12:40 pm
First week of school
Hi math teachers!

I just got hired as a math interventionist for 4-6th grade students. I will pull them out of their homeroom classes for math and have fairly small class sizes. This is my very first teaching job!

The curriculum is super regimented, so I don't have a lot to worry about there. But I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for community building activities for the first week or so. Getting to know each other kinds of activities or fun math games would be great. Something that would be appropriate for all of these age groups would be best.

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
10:06 pm
cross posted to math_help
Why is an incribed angle undefined for major arcs? I need a way to explain this to a group of very young students.
Saturday, March 15th, 2008
3:23 pm
I'd like some feedback on these lessons, which I borrowed (that's what the Internet is for, right?)

I tried this two-day sequence with my students and the results were...hmm. Mixed. I made sure to review squares and square roots beforehand, so that's not my problem.

What you add, subtract, change? I have low-performing 7th graders.


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Thursday, March 12th, 2009
4:33 pm
Today was the last day of the term before final's week, so I received two doughnuts, a Hershey's bar, an apple, and a box of cookies from various students.
Sunday, March 1st, 2009
2:09 am
New Teacher Discussion Community
Teacher's Nook: http://www.teachersnook.net

Come and help us make the community grow. It's also a way to get additional support and feedback from your colleagues. (You can NEVER have enough of that! Can you?)
Thursday, February 19th, 2009
11:12 pm
Proof games?
I teach High School Geometry to a group of advanced students.

Currently, we are proving triangles congruent using various triangle congruence postulates...We have only been doing proofs for a week.

Do you have any GAME or fun activity ideas that are on this topic? I don't want them to lose interest...
1:09 pm
Inverse Functions
I cant remember the purpose of inverse functions, and I know that the first thing the students ask or think is going to be why are we learning this.

Any help?
Thursday, February 5th, 2009
3:06 pm
Probably the most annoying/distracting thing for a comedian is when an audience member shouts out the punchline before they have even finished setting up the joke.

or transitively: joke=problem
audience member=student
and comedian=me
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
11:39 pm
Cross posted to first year teachers.
Hey everyone. I have to do a demo lesson at a high school this Friday on the topic of Fractional Exponents. This is Algebra2/Trig, for those of you familiar with the NYS curriculum.

Academically, the student population of this school is advanced.

I would like to hear about any suggestions you have for a creative, interesting lesson. I am thinking that I want to limit my instructional time and have a cooperative learning component.
Thursday, January 1st, 2009
9:28 pm
Summer School
Hello there. I am a future middle school math teacher. I'm graduating in May, and I don't want to teach summer school before my first year of teaching, but I am interested in teaching it the summer after my first year. I'm worried it might be hard to get a summer school job when I'm so new. Has anyone had any experiences with this?

Thursday, December 18th, 2008
11:32 am
Math teachers of the lj-world, I need some help with a problem. :(
What is the derivative of R = pq with respect to p: when p = f(q) and q = h(p) in other words p is a function of q and vice versa?
(I was given the hint that this should be a product.)

Finals have been harsh on me and now after almost the third night with no sleep, my mind is in knots trying to solve this problem that seems and may actually be so simple.

Thank you soo much!
Sunday, November 16th, 2008
4:57 pm
group project?
I'm a little ahead on my syllabus in one of my classes and they have a test later this week. Instead of starting the next chapter, I was thinking I would spend tomorrow doing some kind of in class group project for the 50 minutes that we meet.

I was wondering if anybody has any ideas or a good online resource for this type of thing. We are working on Radical expressions and equations right now, and it is a Math 095 (intermediate algebra) at a community college so the students are a little older.

Any help is appreciated.
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
3:06 pm
Do you think a student might have copied the back of the book if for one answer they wrote "answers will vary"?
Thursday, October 9th, 2008
5:38 pm
so i have a new student and he's new to the country and does not know any enlgish. he's in the middle years 6-8.

let me clarify, he can say the alphabet and name a few objects and that's about it.

where do i start with him?

sounds? phoneme work? alphabet books? or making alphabet books?

do i read books aloud to him? I know dual language books would be helpful, but how can he respond to it if he doesn't know the words to use?
seems like a catch 22 to me.
use read aloud books on a tape casseettte?

but how do i get him started on writing? he wants to write, but when given the chance writes very little.
doesn't like copying things either.
how to learn how to read and write and communicate in awhole new language.

I've given his teacher some scribed work for him to work on like a journal.. with a very simple format and then some books for him to make.. but that's about it.

i know that i can't teach language seperately and that it has to be in context.

thankfully, i have a dual language dictionary.. it will come in usueful.. somewhat anywyas.

i just need to get organized and have a good flow / program
days for writing
days for reading
and days for oral communication
Sunday, October 5th, 2008
9:44 am
Looking for a job?
Are there any Western Mass or Southern VT people out there who might be interested in a position teaching High School Math part-time, or technology part-time (or potentially a full-time position doing both) ??

There is an opening in Greenfield right now and they are looking to hire ASAP. Even a preliminary license is totally adequate.

If anyone's interested, let me know, I'll give you the contact info.

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